How Courts Sort Fact from Fiction – A Tale of Jags, Deception and Damages

Sometimes you just have to sue to enforce your rights, and should sweet victory crown your efforts you will celebrate your decision to do so. But litigation isn’t for the faint-hearted, and apart from the cost, delay and stress of fighting your way through our courts, you will want to reduce your risk factors upfront as much as you can. So if your opponent’s version of events is totally at odds with yours you will want some comfort that it is your version that is likely to win the day.

But just how can you predict which way the court will go in deciding which version to accept? We explain, with reference to a most interesting High Court fight over whether or not a (relatively inexpensive) Jaguar XF had been fraudulently sold by a dealership as a (much more expensive) Jaguar XFR.

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